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Welcome To Project Aklavya: An Educational Game


Well to start of, Aklavya is a dream, a reverie of fancy. An educational game for children that seeks to impart knowledge to children, younglings as i fondly call them. What makes this project special, and for that matter any educational game worthy of being called that, is to make the passing of the ever illuminated torch of knowledge and light an activity that is greatly enjoyed by both the teacher and his student, the impart-er and his protege, the guru and his shishya, the master and his dear apprentice. But where formal education often fails and this holds ground for the various educational systems across the world is that this process is oft not the great object of pleasure that it rightly should be.


The Lesson of Change


But that is no reason that things remain so. We not only believe in change but strive to be active participants in the ever changing flux of cosmic order. Change can be disruptive, positive and negative alike. Our idealism with which we sow the seeds of of this initiative ensure that the change we bring is indeed a positive one. And we will tirelessly strive to achieve it.


Sustaining Positive Change


Positive change cannot be brought about without the help of the future, if we want to sustain it. Otherwise it will degenerate like countless civilizations before. Education is the mighty tool that will help us in our quest to guide the future to a far better state of things. A civilization, a history we can be proud of. Education has the potential to bring about just that. However, we are not men living in ivory towers and thus seek to enlist your, as humanity, help in achieving a better world.


Let Us Create Aklavya


This game is a vision to bear to fruition this mighty task. Its collaborative effort which gives the clarion call of founding a new age of education for your dear children. It is a clarion call to educators, artists,game ai programmers and educational psychologists to help us realize this ever vibrant evolution of education as we call it.



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